Therapeutic Coaching & Counselling

My wish for you is that one day you may begin to believe that your past experiences do not have to equal your future. That you deserve to have healthy, loving relationships with yourself and others. That your purpose and passion are waiting for you. That you are enough and have everything you need within you to live your most whole, healthy and healed life. 

The first step...

I know how hard it can be to reach out for support and take the first step! I’ve been in the client chair & remember how anxious and alone I felt. Being an empath and sensitive to energy, I know the powerful impact that taking a gentle and compassionate approach to supporting you through your recovery can have and so I offer these to you as we take these first steps and travel together

Sometimes we can read all the books in the world and still feel like we don’t know what to do to take the first step to begin to heal from our life experiences, limiting beliefs, anxiety, self-doubt and the many other challenges you may be facing. This is where therapy can really help. I have been working for the last eight years as an Integrative therapist and coach, starting out in the NHS & in specialist rape crisis services supporting survivors of abuse, trauma, stress, depression and anxiety. My work style is Integrative, which means I offer a range of therapeutic styles depending on your needs. Including Somatic Trauma Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, NLP, CBT, Person-Centred, EFT, Mindfulness, creative therapies & Psychodynamic approaches. I tailor our therapeutic sessions based on your goals for therapy, adjusting as we go always trusting that your unconscious mind will go where it feels safe to go and that I can hold the space as we travel together.

This could be your Pause & Reset Moment...

Have you ever felt like you just so desperately want to hit pause and reset on your life? That this life you are living just isn’t what you imagined for yourself. That was me not so long ago!

For most of my life up until my 30’s I felt like chameleon masking in a world that for most days I just did my best to blend into. I would ask myself, what mask would I wear today? Inside of my body I would live on a daily mixture of adrenaline, cortisol and a concoction of other anxiety fuelled chemicals that would race around my body leaving me feeling like an intense game of ping pong was constantly at play inside of me! The only time it quietened a little would be when I shut the front door, put on my pj’s and turned on the tv. But even then the thoughts would start racing. This was what anxiety and stress did to me and it was awful and at times devastating but it was what it took from me that had the greatest impact!

As a result of the trauma that I experienced as a child, the anxiety and chronic stress that played out in my daily life took away the possibility of creating deep connections and loving trusting relationships with people. It blocked my ability to try new things and travel. It silenced my voice when I needed to stand up for myself and assert my boundaries and worst of all it created a wall between me and any hope or possibility of seeing a path for change in my world. It kept me stuck in sinking sand so deep that some days I could barely recognise myself or feel able to catch my breath.

So in my 30’s all of this finally caught up with me and I hit rock bottom. I couldn’t do this world this way anymore and I decided that I had to do something about this! So I made the choice to leave the relationship I was in, I took my autistic son and moved across the UK to start again. I trained as a counsellor over 4 years, working on helplines, running confidence building creative workshops for women, young people and mums in person and online. I started my own community for therapists and created online courses and programmes which are being offered in the community all around the world. I’ve written a bestselling Amazon book and I’ve won awards for the work that I do in community building and mental health! I healed from my wounds and started to carve out the life that I truly wanted for myself! A life full of good things and good people and most of all love for myself, my journey and my wounds!

I now have wonderful friends, loving relationships and everyday I am grateful for the world that I now get to see through my healed eyes – not my anxiety eyes! If I could make one wish today, it would be that you are able to see life through your healed eyes. Not the clouds of self-doubt, anxiety, exhaustion, trauma and stress that fog your life and create barriers between where you are now and where your heart truly desires to be! That is my wish for you and I would be so honored to guide you on this journey!

So if like me you are seeking your pause and reset moment, let this be that moment! Hit pause on whatever struggle you are experiencing and let me guide you through your reset so you too can wake each morning into your day feeling in control and ready to tackle life with joy and confidence.

What do I mean by Therapeutic Coaching?

My experience and expertise is in supporting women and carers who have or are experiencing chronic stress, anxiety, burn out and the impacts of sexual violence, domestic violence and trauma. As a result of experiencing these in life my clients can also experience disordered eating, low moods, sleep struggles, low confidence, struggles with intimacy, trust, feeling safe, low motivation, low self-care priorities and the many other challenges that goes with this. I originally trained as an Integrative Therapist (Psychodynamic, Person-Centred & CBT) and although this model offers some incredible ways of supporting my clients, I found that I was also drawn to integrating powerful coaching models and strategies into my work, particularly somatic therapies, NLP, mindfulness based coaching practices and wellbeing approaches. So over the years I have trained and qualified in new therapeutic models and have brought these together to offer Therapeutic Coaching which offers the depth of Therapeutic Counselling, complimented by the power of working in the now, focusing on developing skills and strengths and looking forward.


How does therapy with me work?

STEP 1: Book our first free 20 minute phone call to decide whether we are a good fit to work together

STEP 2: If we agree to work together, I will send you an online therapeutic agreement and assessment form for you to complete

STEP 3: We agree the first session time and date where we will explore your goals and create a plan together

I offer a flexible approach to booking our sessions and can often work around busy timetables as well as offering the opportunity to reschedule your sessions if more than 24 hours notice is given.

What are the costs?

Each session including our first session costs £55 (for age 24+) or £45 (for age 15-23). This is billed to you after each session so you can click and pay on receipt through PayPal. Please note, if you need to cancel a session within 24 hours of your booked appointment there is a £25 cancellation fee as I am unable to offer your session at short notice to someone else.

Where and how will we meet?

I facilitate therapy sessions online via Zoom video and this is easy to use and free for you! You can register for a free account here It is important that you feel safe to meet with me from your home for confidentiality reasons and we will explore this during our free call. If you would rather meet in person (in the Chester area) I can also offer walk and talk counselling out in the community. Our first 20 minute phone call is free.

Book a 20 minute get know you session

I offer this 20 minute phone call in slots dotted around the week, if you are not able to find a time and day that works for you, please reach out to me by email on

Professional Qualifications:

Diploma in Integrative Therapeutic Counselling (qualified to offer a range of therapeutic approaches)

Somatic Trauma Therapy Training – Babette Rothschild

Diploma in NLP Coaching

Diploma in Hypnotherapy

Certificate in Sexual Violence Support for Survivors

Creative Counselling Interventions Trained

Diploma in Executive Business Coaching

I have studied, designed and facilitated hundreds of hours of further CPD Training around topics like:

Creative Therapeutic Supervision, Mindfulness, Sleep Consultancy, Chronic Stress Management, Compassion Focused Therapies, Working with Children & Young people, OCD, Anxiety & Panic Disorder, Sexual Violence, Creative Therapies, Compassion Fatigue, Burn Out & Vicarious Trauma

Many of the courses I have developed and facilitate are CPCAB (Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body) endorsed which ensures that I am working to the highest ethical and professional standards