Tanja Sharpe

Leadership Counsellor & Empowerment Coach

Hi I’m Tanja

Healing the world through creativity & community is my life purpose.

Empowering everyday leaders to thrive so they too can heal the world through creativity & community is my life mission.

I can work with you in two ways. The first is to heal from trauma, imposter syndrome, burn out, compassion fatigue and lack of confidence. The second is through launching online and offline courses to your community so that you can become financially sustainable and empower your members.

I want to help you to thrive, so you can empower others to do the same.

I do this through one-on-one therapeutic coaching, group work, and courses.

As a leader, you inspire and motivate others

Everyday leaders are everywhere in plain sight. From the youth worker at Friday night club to the woman who brings moms together to drink coffee and talk about motherhood.  

You may be a community builder, leader or changemaker. Having the vision to help others and growing your purpose takes energy and if you haven’t healed your own story then this may be leaving you feeling burnt out and exhausted. Let me show you why… 

Let Me Help You To Empower Yourself


I have been creating online and offline courses for just over ten years. I’ve trained more than eleven thousand people globally and have built two brands around Wellbeing, Mindfulness, creativity and other therapeutic models. 

I would love to teach you how to do the same. 

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Inspirational Interviews

The Heart Powered Leadership™ Sessions are 30-minute interviews with the world’s most empowered and inspirational everyday leaders.

Each guest is creating social change for good in the world today. A big dose of self-belief with a hint of inspiration. Launching soon!

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 This new section will focus on products to empower and inspire you. I share books, courses, programs and downloads to help you to embrace your full leadership potential.

Become the bravest, connected, healed and most confident version of you. All delivered with a splash of creativity of course.

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