Healing from Trauma, Burn Out, Anxiety, Shame & Fatigue

A little introduction

Hi, I’m Tanja, a qualified Integrative Trauma Therapist, Therapeutic Coach, Clinical Supervisor & Leadership Mentor offering online and in person 1:1 & group support. I’m also an award winning Therapeutic Community Builder,  Amazon bestselling author & founder of Creative Counsellors, a global not for profit training and community organisation dedicated to celebrating creativity in counselling.

I guess that as you have found your way here that you are looking for help and support to make a change in your life. Whether you are looking to get some 1:1 therapeutic support, to change your career or enhance it through clinical supervision or training or to spark your entrepreneurial flame and boost your creative skills and income, I hope that you find exactly what you need as you navigate my little corner of this online world. When you feel ready to connect, I would love to hear from you…

My therapeutic approach is to work in a holistic and creative way...

I call this “MBFI” which is a model I developed and wrote about in my bestselling book “Creative Counselling: Tools & Interventions to Nurture Therapeutic Relationships”. So what does this mean for you? This means that I believe it is important to explore all aspects of YOUR experience including…

MIND: My Mind – My Strength

Your thoughts, beliefs about yourself and the world and how this is impacting on your life

BODY: My Body – My Safe Place

Your body as map to your stored emotions and traumas as well as becoming aware of the many messages that your body communicates to you, working towards a healthy relationship with your body & recognising your body as a safe place

FEELINGS: My Feelings – My Expression

Your feelings & emotions. Respecting them all as important & valid. Giving you space to make sense of what you feel and why you feel. To express anything that feels stuck and to create the opportunity for emotions to flow. To feel to heal.

INTUITION: My Intuition – My Connection

Your spiritual, intuitive and innate connection to all that is bigger than us in the world. Whether that is your connection to nature, to art, to creativity, to healing or belief in spirit. We co-create a safe space for you to explore your spiritual beliefs while deepening your intuition and belief in self

Copyright: MBFI is a registered trademark under Tanja Sharpe Ltd


Creative Counselling Book

The Deep Work - Standing side by side

When we embrace our creativity we can connect to the deeper parts of ourselves where much of the struggle lives. We call this the unconscious mind which houses the roots of your beliefs, confidence and holds the blueprint for your change and healing.

Many of us may be wandering through life unaware of how our experiences, relationships and earliest life events may be impacting on us today. All of these experiences impact on how we think, feel and exist in the world on a daily basis. As a result of trauma, stress, neglect, fearful and embarrassing experiences early on in life we may be living with anxiety, low self-esteem, stress and shame as adults and it can be hard to find meaning and to release old beliefs that no longer work for us alone.

Working together I aim to bring my understanding of human development, theories, research and practical skills into our work together to support you to bring your whole self – your past, your present and future hopes so we can co-create a safe and nurturing space to heal from the stories that keep you stuck.


"Your magic box of tools became my magic box of tools too"
"Thank you for seeing in me what I couldn't yet see in myself"
"You helped me to understand how I could serve my community without losing myself"

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