Tanja Sharpe

I help women entrepreneurs,

mothers & community leaders

 like you to heal from trauma,

anxiety, burn-out, Imposter

Syndrome & lack of self-belief,

so that you can start to feel

your most confident, connected,

energetic & vibrant self


Hi I’m Tanja

Working through my heart and healing the world through compassion, kindness, creativity & community is my life purpose.

Im on a life mission to empower heart-powered givers like you to thrive so you too can live through your heart while overcoming unnecessary anxiety, lack of self-belief, compassion fatigue, overwhelm, vicarious trauma and exhaustion. Making space for confidence, energy, clarity, purpose, joy, abundance, health, good relationships and self-love.

Im a qualified Integrative UK Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, NLP Life Coach & Mindful Self-Compassion Facilitator and am a published author with Jessica Kingsley Publishers.  I work with clients from the age of 16 upwards through 1:1 and therapeutic group work. I also offer courses, training and self-care retreats. My therapy room is based near Cheshire Oaks in Cheshire and for those who are unable to attend in person, I offer online sessions. 

As a Counsellor and Community builder I am also passionate about supporting other leaders to create and launch online and offline courses to their communities so that they can become financially sustainable and bring their gifts to the world.


As a Heart-Powered Giver, you help others to be the best that they can be…

Heart-Powered Givers and leaders are everywhere in plain sight. From the community leader who holds space for others, to the woman who brings moms together to drink coffee and talk about motherhood to the therapist who is exhausted and doing her best to work while taking care of her teen son who is struggling with anxiety.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a parent, a community builder, leader or counsellor, the one thing that you have in common is that you are sharing your heart, your thoughts, your time and your energy to help others to be the best that they can be. Caring for others while not finding balance and offering healing to ourselves can sometimes leave us experiencing burn out, lack of joy, anxiety, vicarious trauma, toxic relationships, compassion fatigue and a loss of self-belief. In my monthly messages, I share with you the signs and symptoms of burn out and vicarious trauma and how to start to recover!

Let Me Help You To Empower Yourself


I have been creating online and offline courses for just over ten years. I’ve trained more than eleven thousand people globally and have built two brands around Wellbeing, Creative Mindfulness and other therapeutic models. 

In this section I share my courses with you. If you are interested in working with me to create and launch your own courses, visit my “work with me” page.

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Inspirational Interviews

The Heart Powered Sessions are 30-minute interviews with some of the world’s most empowered and inspirational Heart-Powered Givers and Leaders. From parents to massive community builders and business leaders, we bring you conversations from the heart.

We explore deep self-care, personal experiences of burn out, vicarious trauma and other issues and offer you a big dose of self-belief with a hint of inspiration. Launching soon!

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This new section will focus on products to empower and inspire you. I share books, courses, programs and downloads which I have found useful from others or created for you.

From fun and quirky ideas to therapeutic books for kids all delivered with a splash of creativity of course.

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