Trauma, Stress & Burn-Out Therapist

There is no greater agony

than bearing an untold story

inside of you – Maya Angelou


I believe in your healing potential to overcome any emotional obstacle that is keeping you stuck right now…

I also believe that your incredible body has all of the resources and the resilience that you need to heal from your past experiences and the beliefs that you hold about yourself in this moment. AND it’s OK that you might not be able to believe this for yourself just yet! This is where I come in!

I’ve worked with busy entrepreneurial mothers trying to balance work life and home life. I’ve helped community leaders taking care of hundreds or even thousands of members who look to them for support. I’ve helped parents who care for a young person who struggles with their own mental health. What I have learned is that until you begin to make sense of and heal from your past trauma it will most likely replay in parts of your world and your life over and over again, often preventing you from experiencing the loving sense of safety and connection with the world and with yourself that you deserve! 

If you are recovering from trauma, stress, burn-out and crippling low self-esteem, I can help you to create your own personalised road map recovery plan where together we can begin to take the steps you need to feel energised, whole, healthy and healed. 

Monthly Inspiration Toolkit

Are you struggling with the impact of imposter syndrome, anxiety, trauma, burnout and stress? You are not alone! Many women today are experiencing significant changes in the way that we see our place in the world, how we are in relationships, how we find balance within our work lives and home lives and how we offer ourselves opportunities for love, rest, self-care, growth and physical health. Trauma is often described as though it has become locked within us and this can be tricky to unlock and release alone. I know this as a survivor of burn out, abuse and chronic anxiety and I now help others to heal from their stories too. I work in a self-compassion focused way, working gently with somatic trauma therapy, creativity, visualisation, mindfulness, Integrative Counselling and Therapeutic tools. I offer one to one therapy, group programmes and self-study courses.  I also love to send monthly notes of inspiration and this is totally free to you! Here I roundup some of my learning, thoughts and healing ways that you can begin to take back control of your life too! 

Creative Therapeutic Books

Creative Counselling


 This guide explains how to incorporate creative interventions into counselling confidently and effectively and provides activities to support clients to express themselves through art, sound, movement, symbols, poetry and more.

The book presents the Create Circle Framework and gives guidance on incorporating creativity at every step of the therapeutic journey, from initial contract through to managing endings. It will support you to better adapt to the needs and interests of your clients, increase engagement, build better therapeutic relationships and improve outcomes. 

Doodle Your Worries Away(8+) 

Created for Young People 8+ Doodle Your Worries Away: A CBT Doodling Workbook for Children who Feel Worried or Anxious.  I created this new book as a way to creatively support young people who struggle with anxiety and worrying. It’s full of doodles to help open up conversations around why young people feel anxious and also to explore ways that we can help ourselves when we feel worried or anxious. A great resources for parents, carers, teachers, youth workers or for young people to work with themselves. 

CBT Doodling for Kids (Under 8)

 I created this CBT Doodling for Kids book to help my young clients at the time to make sense of lots of different feelings, emotions and experiences that they were going through. Its filled with simple black and white characters exploring different topics. Young people can doodle, add colour, collage or paint their way through the book. Great for parents, carers, therapists, teachers and social workers to support young people too. 

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