We so often spend our time trying to blend in and this can leave us feeling sparkle-less and left behind! Why is this?

Our past often plays a part here! We often are conditioned as children to “not be so egotistic” or “stop being so selfish”. As we develop in teenage and later years we integrate this and develop behaviour patterns that keep us “safe” and confused.

On one hand we want to sparkle, shine and be unique creators, but on the other hand we are scared of being judged. Our inner critic hides in our unconscious mind and reminds us that being confident and assured is “egotistic and no one likes that”!

So where does that leave you? As new entrepreneurs we often hide away our skills and talents and don’t want to draw attention to ourselves. We fail in our early business challenges because of our fears to be seen as different! Being judged!

Getting to know your patterns and how you relate to the world around you can help you to break free  from limiting beliefs and negative messages!

Time to sparkle!

Tanja Angelique

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