This week I am introducing Mirror Work into our group! Louise Hay introduced this to me in her books and I really connected powerfully with this!

I have been practicing these techniques for the last 4 weeks and have felt such a change within my own body and my confidence because of this.

Let me explain! Counselling theory shares that when we are born, we have no ” I hate myself filter” and we don’t judge anybody or anything. In fact our main philosophy pretty much says “if you feed me, love me, make me laugh or change my nappy – then I love you!”

As a young toddler we love to look at ourselves in the mirror. We like to make faces, dance, hang upside down and squish our butts up against the glass! We would wear anything and think that we look awesome! We would put on a zebra suit, moms heels and dads boxers as head bling and think that are supermodels! Our eyes are always locked on the clouds! We are confident and happy and unmoved by the judgement of the world around us!

What happens to that confidence? We start to watch our parents, our older siblings and we integrate that we are all flawed somehow. Mom hates her ears, dad hates his feet, big brother hates his chin, big sister hates her arms and the list goes on! On top of that we see models on TV and in the magazines looking shiny and expensive and happy! We read all the comments from fans saying you are so beautiful and thin I wish I looked like you!

We also hear people saying things like “she is so big-headed” when we hear someone saying “I’m really good at that” or “I’m the best at this” and we start to learn that being confident and good at things is a bad things! We start to think that we shouldn’t really like ourselves too much!

Now we look in the mirror and we start to pinch our chins and our arms! We start to wonder if our legs look ok? We think that our feet are too big and that our eyes aren’t bright enough! When people look at us we create automatic negative thoughts about what they must be thinking and we start to cover ourselves and our eyes become drawn to the floor! We have lost our spark, our inner power and our ability to quite frankly, genuinely not give a crap!

So how can we as mothers and woman or men, regain our power and reconnect with that inner confidence?

My tool for you is to try mirror work! It’s such a powerful tool!

7 Days to build new confidence and clarity within who you are! All you need is a mirror, the commitment to show up and try and YOU!

Day 1: Take a moment to take some deep breaths and really connect with calmness and what you are feeling in the moment within your body! Start to focus on your face within the mirror. Trace the outline of your face, your nose, your eyes, your ears, your hairline and your lips! Just take a moment to look at yourself without judgement and pain! Make a deal with yourself to be kind and accepting of what you see! Do this 5 times a day for one minute at a time!

Day 2: Start to focus on your eyes and really connect with your feelings. How does this feel for you right now? Practice the above, connect with your body and recognise your physical reactions. What thoughts are you having? It’s ok to have negative thoughts, just bring your attention back to the positive and the loving! 5 times a day for at least 1 minute each time!

Day 3: Remember to breathe! Connect with your eyes and your face! By now you will have hopefully reduce some of that anxiety that you may feel around these exercises! Now connect with your face and repeat out loud;

I really love you and accept you for who you are! I really, really love you and accept you for who you are! “Your name” I really, really love you and accept you for who you are!

Repeat this as above at least 5 times a day and for atleast 1 minute at a time!

Keep practicing this for the remainder of the 7 days and if it feels right keep going! I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t had a powerful experience!

Imagine what impact this could have on your life? What impact would this have on your children? What would they see? How would they start to love themselves if you introduce this as a daily practice from early on?

This is only the start of mirror work! Get in touch if you would like to find out more! I would also love to hear about your experiences!

Love Tanja

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