As a mom to someone with additional needs I often struggle to find the time to be social. I’m also a business owner as well as seeing clients for other organisations! This can make things really tricky to manage!

I decided to turn to Facebook for support when things are a little difficult and I found various clubs and groups that are run by people who are trying to grow their business’s too! I also found groups that specialise in a particular topic such as “special needs moms”. What I didn’t find were general, really positive, happy and healthy moms support groups which were not business orientated or particular people trying to force their new coaching or selling options on you!

I really wanted something different!

So I invited other moms who I knew were struggling too and have a similar mindset and goals for connecting online. We created our Moms Inner Circle Club! Our group has a main focus on Motivation, Mindset and Health. We explore everything from meditation, to smoothie detox plans and sleep support for children. I love this group as we are a hugely mixed group of moms, some with children with special needs and some with adult children who are now exploring their own new worlds. We motivate each other to share, offload and celebrate in life’s small victories. Each of us has unique skills and gifts that we bring to the group. For example;

I am a therapist and mindfulness coach. We also have teachers, holistic therapists, EFT practitioners, tough mudder runners, fundraisers, autism specialists, website designers, bar owners, fashionistas and moms from all over the world!

We run this group as a co-operative, each mama having a say in what is shared, created and grown!

I love our supportive community and am glad that we have grown a group of carefree, inspiring supportive new family members to share and experience life together!

We love new members! So come over and say hi! Click HERE!

Love Tanja



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