My name is Tanja and I am mom to a 16 year old with Autism and ADHD. I also liken myself to a stumbling tipsy sloth who is attempting to navigate the world of special needs parenting! I began my journey as a therapist by studying an Integrative form of therapy to enable me to better understand my son as well as myself as a parent and a person!

What I learnt is that I had spent the majority of my adult life trying to live up to other peoples expectations of me as a parent. Those constant labels and exhausting demands to be a perfect mom, a perfect business woman and a perfect person! I spent so much time chasing other peoples demands that I somehow lost the motivation for what truly inspires and drives me to thrive! Those things that make me want to jump out of bed in the morning and get moving! This over-riding need to be perfect at everything just bred anxiety and imbalance within myself. It caused confusion and chaos within my parenting styles and it caused me to make bad choices that just further damaged my confidence. When I faced a crisis I would just shut down and retreat into myself! I would become so quickly exhausted that I couldn’t focus my energy on finding the solution but would rather focus my energy on the problem. I faced so many serious battles as a special needs parent and almost lost my son on two occasions to illness and his struggle to want to end his life. I struggled constantly in a toxic, unsupportive marriage and was desperately unhappy! I look back now and just wonder how I coped. We all have a super-human resilience within us that comes out fighting when our kids need us but there is another side to this which is just so mega important! Keeping our own health safe and practicing self-care and nurture to allow ourselves the energy and clarity to parent through a crisis with calm and ease! If we don’t find ways to keep ourselves healthy and safe then we can crash hard and fast! I know this feeling and it resulted in me fighting to regain my health in hospital on more than one occasion! Just hitting rock bottom!

I just didn’t have the tools back then that I do now! I didn’t have the knowledge that I have now! It got to breaking point and I had to make changes! I left my husband, my job and moved my son closer to our family base! I took what I could cram into my tiny car and we moved on!

So I decided enough was enough and I began on a new journey to better understand how my brain works and how life works with me and not against me! Now 6 years on, I am a qualified Integrative Therapist and I am able to do what I love and take back control of my life!

I want to help you to do the same!

With the help of my super-hero parenting team, we send regular emails to our subscribers which include lots of tips, tricks and tools to help navigate your way through the parenting battlefield.

Our emails are packed full of tools drawn from our combined experience within the fields of Cognitive Behavioural therapies, Mindfulness, The Emotional Freedom Technique & many other forms of training and support!

You start by receiving a welcome email with your FREE WELCOME GIFT! Our 46 page e-book “Working Creatively with Emotions”

There is no catch, no salesy pitches, no expectations and no drama llama!


We want to share what we know and build a community of like minded parents who are looking to learn about and understand helpful tools and techniques from the many therapies available out there today!

We also want to share in the often “drowning like” feelings that we can experience as parents!

Join our growing list of families who are choosing calm over chaos!

Sign up and we will see you on the other side!

Love Tanja x


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