Moms how does your day start?

Do you have a morning routine to get you out the door? One of the biggest issues that comes up in my therapy sessions with moms is the dreaded morning rush! We work with this and explore what works and what doesn’t! We create a unique plan to change that morning experience and I really get how hard this can be from my own past experience!

I know that when things were hardest for my son and I that something had to change! Our mornings were chaotic! I would be shouting at him who would be taking his shoes off as fast as I was putting them on. I would be trying to iron my work clothes while asking him to eat breakfast, telling him to pack his school bag and shouting for him to brush his teeth! Our mornings weren’t fun and they would set the tone for the whole day. It would be a case of having the quickest breakfast possible (usually cereal) while trying to do make-up and dealing with his refusing to go to school. I was often late for work and he was often stressed getting into school. I hated it!

I knew I had to change! I had to create a calmer morning for a calmer day. I recognised that I had started to ignore my own needs which meant that I started to see the day as stressful and I didn’t look forward to work, school runs or even getting out of bed at one point! I decided to change this all!

I set my alarm for an hour earlier than when I woke my son up. At the time this meant 5:30am – OUCH! In the beginning this was so hard to do because I could hardly open my eyes. He wasn’t a great sleeper and so I would be up and down in the night with him trying to help him to get settled. Getting up this early felt like the hardest thing in the world! I would start by bouncing on my mini trampoline for 15 minutes which woke me up and got all those happy chemicals boosting around my body. Then I would shower, do my hair and make up and get totally dressed before waking my son up. This meant that when I did wake him, I was able to give him my total attention before school.

We could sit and have breakfast together, talk about any anxieties that he had and help him get organised, dressed and ready for his school day! This changed everything. Our mornings were calmer and we made it on time without any panic, frustrations, fighting and arguing! This has a positive impact on our whole day together and meant that we didn’t experience arguments and stress as a start to the day!

Now I take this further as most days I work from home and have an online business! So I start the day with coffee, quiet meditation and then 15 minutes on my trampoline! I wake my son up, get him ready for his home-schooling and we get to start each day in a calmer place! This sets the tone for our whole day!


Recognise that things aren’t working! It’s not your fault or anyone else’s fault! You are doing your best and life just gets like this sometimes! We often need someone to just check in with us and give us that extra push.


Make a big commitment to change small things that will have a big impact on your morning. For example:

  • getting up earlier, getting dressed and ready before your kids wake up
  • preparing breakfast the night before which can be easily warmed up
  • organising clothes on hangars including everything your child will need to put on. You can turn this into a game. Use a buzzer app on your phone and time them to see how long it takes them
  • spending time eating breakfast together in peace with your kids
  • Have shoes waiting by the door with bags
  • Line up toothbrushes (in different bathrooms if you have more than one child and more than one bathroom = less arguing)
  • Have a checklist by the front door on your way out


Work with a coach or someone who can keep you accountable to your new plan. This can be anyone who motivates you, understands your needs and is able to check and replace the systems that don’t work with systems that do work. Someone who is honest with you and calls b******t when they witness you jumping ship without a life vest!

So moms what’s your morning routine like? Does your morning feel like you are surviving a battlefield or do you start the day with a chaos free plan? Share your email below and let me send you our 3 steps for creating a peaceful start to your day!

Love Tanja

Parenting Coach and Therapeutic Counsellor

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