Children 7-11’s

This is an important age for developing confidence, the ability to be self-soothing, to regulate our emotions and to learn new skills to boost emotional resilience. Young people start to notice their place amongst the social circles that they are in and they start to develop that internal voice which either fuels negative thoughts or boosts confidence! This can be a very difficult time for young people who have experienced trauma, struggle with communication or re struggling to develop the social skills needed to be accepted amongst their peers. I offer two options to support young people aged 7-11:

SEN COACHING (Special Educational Needs)

Our signature coaching programme for SEN offers young people a combination of support. We assess what key areas a young person is struggling with for example;

Anger, friendships, self-esteem, taking turns, negative thinking, controlling behaviours & anxiety

Using a range of materials, we work together in an open and non-judgmental way while offering a safe and confidential space to explore any emotions that arise. We look at key areas where a child may be struggling and develop an individual plan for support going forward.

This starts with a 1:1 consultation with parents to gain an understanding of which areas a young person may be struggling with. I then meet with the young person to carry out an assessment to decide whether the SEN coaching route is appropriate.

I recommend a minimum of 6 sessions for the SEN programme and these are best delivered weekly.


I offer a combination of counselling models which enables me to work in an Integrative way. I use story-telling, art, puppets, popular characters, games, talking therapies and other communication aids to help young people to explore their feelings and emotions. If a young person experiences bullying, then I am able to explore what is currently happening and develop a plan going forward to work with family and school to bring an end to the bullying experiences. There is no set amount of recommended counselling sessions for young people but it is most effective on a weekly basis.







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