Growing Heart-Powered Youth Leaders

I have now trained more than 115 accredited coaches worldwide to inspire and empower young minds as Creative Youth Wellbeing & Mindfulness Coaches.

In 2016 I developed a signature 8 session program that is delivered to young people globally in Schools, clubs 1:1 sessions and community projects.

This course combines Mindfulness, Wellbeing tools and creativity to offer the only program of its kind.

Our Creative Counselling, Coaching & Therapy Movement

I am the founder, director and community leader of The Creative Counsellors Club.

Facebook voted us as “one of 115 most inspiring communities in the world” and we are on a mission to empower counsellors worldwide through The Power of Community and Creativity.

Our aims are to end counsellor isolation and make counselling more accessible to everyone by offering a more creative approach to therapy globally.

You can find out more about our thriving community of more than 12000 members from 99 different countries, our retreats, courses and membership here

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