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To Boost Your Wellbeing

Going into 2024, I made a commitment to myself to live more authentically and aligned with my values than ever before and to finally introduce the work that is most empowering and uplifting to me! This is why this blog space has been created!

Over the last three years I have been developing a Therapeutic Integration Model, which I wrote about two years ago in my bestselling book ‘Creative Counselling: Tools & Interventions to Nurture Therapeutic Relationships’.This Integration Model brings together the four elements that I feel capture the experience of being human and encourages us to welcome daily practices that help us to work towards being whole, healthy & healed.

The Four Elements: Mind – Body – Feelings – Intuition

This approach recognises that many of us are experiencing a sense of disconnection from at least one of the four elements of being human, most likely as a result of life experiences, whether that be through surviving trauma, grief, difficult relationships or the many other reasons that we can find ourselves experiencing discomfort and the need to seek safety away from being connected to that part of ourselves. Over the last three years I have been integrating this approach into my 1:1 and group client work, with colleagues, in my speaking and writing engagements, in various trainings and talks as well as with family and friends. I have been calling this MBFI Therapeutic Integration Coaching and have witnessed many incredible and transformational moments when people begin to integrate parts of their experience that they have been disconnected from at a gentle, compassionate and kind pace

I would like to invite you to take the journey with me this year as I share all of these daily Integration Practices with you weekly here in my blog, one practice at a time and in no particular order. What this means is that I will be writing about a new daily practice every week and will share that with you here. Some of the practices are simple and well known (I am not trying to re-invent the wheel here) and some of the practices will be new to you! We will explore concepts from Metaphysics, Nature Based Therapies, Compassion Focused Therapies, Sound & Somatic Movement, Ayurvedic Principles plus many other practices along the way.

To get a nudge whenever a practice goes live, make sure you are signed up for email reminders below. Wishing you the most incredible 2024!

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