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Heart Story® Workshop for Changemakers, Community Builders and Leaders

Everyone has a story and this impacts the way that we lead in our communities, projects and businesses.

In this two hour interactive workshop, I help leaders to explore and own their past life struggles as their superpowers.

I share my own journey of Leading through Imposter Syndrome and lack of self-belief.

I share the tools that we can use to harness adversity to transform the way that we lead today.

We celebrate vulnerability, imperfection and the heart in this powerful, creative and confidence-boosting workshop

Heart-Powered Leadership™ & The Power of Community

In this 40 minute interactive talk, I introduce what Heart-Powered Leadership™ is and take the audience on a journey through exploring the challenges that I faced in finding Leader-Life balance™. I share my experiences of Imposter Syndrome, Burn Out and Compassion Fatigue. I explore the 6 transformational keys that everyday leaders need to thrive as a Heart Powered Leader™. 

Heart-Powered Course Design™ for Online Leaders and Entrepreneurs

One of my biggest loves in the work that I do is being able to support community leaders & entrepreneurs to have an even more positive and healing social impact on the world through creating and offering online courses.

In this two hour interactive journey, I support the audience to turn their passion into an additional income while sharing their unique gifts with the world.

I guide attendees through my signature six-step system for course building.

The audience will take part to create their own six-step plan to digital course building success.

All attendees will receive a workbook to accompany the session.

This can also be delivered as a half hour short talk to inspire leaders to think about getting started in digital course design.


Your Heart-Powered Life™

For much of my life I experienced anxiety, low self-esteem and struggled to be happy in my own skin.

I then trained as a Counsellor, NLP Coach and Creative Therapist and I have worked within the NHS, for Rape Crisis, Cheshire Autism Practical Support and my own thriving therapy practice.

In this one hour talk I introduce my Heart-Powered Life™ Tools, where together we explore how to switch from an anxious, over-thinking and stressed mind-body experience to starting to live with self-compassion, self-kindness and self-belief.

This is a nurturing and beautiful experience for anyone who gives themselves a hard time on a daily basis. An uplifting hour of change.

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