Before Tanja started working with D, he was always anxious and refused to go to school. Things escalated and soon D was refusing to leave his room. When I contacted Tanja she told me that she couldn’t promise anything but she would try to help us. D wouldn’t leave the house and so she came to us. At first he wouldn’t talk but Tanja told him that he didn’t have to talk. They played Uno and D won every game. At the end of the first session D asked when she was coming back. I almost cried. The next week Tanja worked with D by using a dice game and he opened up about the things that scare him most. I found out he was being bullied at school and D agreed for Tanja to talk to me and the school about it. There was something else to. Tanja shared that she thought I might be able to get some more help and would like me to look at what Aspergers Syndrome was. I was shocked but happy that someone was listening to me. Maybe it wasn’t my fault.

The end result is that D is suspected of having Aspergers and he is being investigated for it. D created a report for school of all the bullying and Tanja helped him with this. Tanja also showed me some ways of calming down my stress at home which has really helped us both.

I don’t know what we would have done if my friend had not recommended Tanja to me.

Amanda C