Training Design & Digital Course Building

for Community Leaders

Are you a community leader or builder who wants to create engaging and financially rewarding courses or memberships for your community?

Full support from design to delivery of courses and memberships to your community

Since 2010 I have been delivering high impact digital courses and offline workshops and in 2017 I started growing online and offline communities. This has allowed me to create a sustainable business providing financial security for myself and my community members.

These products and services create a deeper purpose within the community, much-needed income to grow and the skills that members ask for and need. Now I help other community leaders and online social entrepreneurs to do the same through my unique course building blueprint and this is real passion and heart work for me! 

Our one to one sessions together will guide you through the blueprint and help you to launch to your existing community.

I can support you to explore each of the 6 outcomes below and launch your first course to your community.

My coaching style is flexible and we can book sessions as and when you need them to work through all of the parts of designing and launching your course. Sessions are usually 1.5 hours and cost £165 per session. These prices are negotiable depending on your circumstances. Its more important to me that communities are empowered to thrive as I know that the incredible healing power of communities can be strengthened through education and connection. Payment plans are available on request and I offer a complimentary consultation to discover whether working together is right for us both.

My 6 stage course design blueprint

STAGE 1: Research!

Don’t waste time and money creating content that no-one really wants.

You’ll learn how to research your course topic and the content that your community will snap up!

STAGE 2: Find!

Selecting the technology to create an online course is overwhelming, and can easily derail you with too many decisions.

You’ll learn how to find the right platform to deliver your course.

STAGE 3: Engage!

You want your course members to get the results you’re mapping out for them.

Learn how to engage your members by creating a course blueprint for success that they’ll enjoy working through.

STAGE 4: Launch!

Launching doesn’t have to be complicated.

Get access to my proven systems for quick, easy (and profitable!) launches.

STAGE 5: Grow!

Once you’re launched your course out there – you want to get more members in.

Deep dive into the three strategies I use to grow my memberships and make more impact.

STAGE 6: Celebrate!

You want your members to feel proud of what they’ve achieved.

I’ll show you how to help your members to celebrate their wins – and create a community of like minded people.

Ready to connect?

I only work with communities and training leads who are having a positive and loving impact on the world because it’s important to me that I am passionate and connected to what I do. If you are curious about working with me, I suggest that we might connect over a 20 minute call to explore what you are looking for and whether we may be a good fit to work together.


Book a free 20 minute call

During this call we can explore your questions and whether we may be a good fit to work together