CREATIVE COUNSELLING - Amazon No.1 Bestseller

This guide explains how to incorporate creative interventions into counselling confidently and effectively and provides activities to support clients to express themselves through art, sound, movement, symbols, poetry and more.

The book presents the Creative Counselling Model and gives guidance on incorporating creativity at every step of the therapeutic journey, from initial contract through to managing endings. It will support you to better adapt to the needs and interests of your clients, increase engagement, build better therapeutic relationships and improve outcomes.

Advice is also given on nurturing your own creativity as a therapist and using creativity as self-care.

Creative Counselling Book


This workbook draws on CBT and creative therapy methods to help children aged 8+ understand their worry and anxiety. Exploring thoughts, actions, relaxation tools and other key emotions to help make sense of life.

Featuring 50 fun and engaging doodling activities, this book allows young people to tune into their worries and their sources, using creativity to process anxiety, and building confidence to find their own solutions. This exploration can be independently led by the child themselves or with guidance from a parent or professional.

Drawn from over 15 years of experience of supporting young people with anxiety, this workbook takes an integrative approach and is a valuable resource for anyone looking to support a child experiencing worry.

Doodle Your Worries Away Book


Using creative therapy techniques developed through years of working with young children, this activity book is an invaluable resource for professionals working with children aged 6-11.

Unique drawing exercises develop confidence, encourage self-awareness and help open up conversations where children are struggling to verbalise their thoughts or emotions.

In this interactive book, 50 illustrated, entertaining characters help children explore and process their emotions – such as Stomper who loves to dance, or the Balloon Brothers who lift away sad feelings.

These tried and tested communication tools are particularly helpful for children with autism or additional needs, or children suffering from anxiety or bullying.

Each illustrated character is accompanied by a fully photocopiable story page to guide discussions.

With additional information for counsellors, this book is an invaluable tool for therapists, social workers, SENCOs and educational professionals.

CBT Doodling for Kids Book