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I’m guessing you have found your way here because you may be feeling stuck with one or many aspects of your entrepreneurial journey? You may be just starting out and needing some guidance in designing a product, business strategy or writing your book. Or maybe you have been in a heart-led community business for some time and are looking to shift, pivot or grow an extra income. This the the type of work that gets me jumping out of bed in the morning!

I know this feeling well and am a heart-led entrepreneur too! Over the years, I have founded and grown a number of organisations, courses and writing projects from idea conception to bestselling and award winning! I’ve also supported many others to do the same. Ive been a course design mentor for Thinkific, the most popular course platform in the world, Ive worked with charities, organisations, new friends and old to bring their ideas to life.

As an ADHD entrepreneur, my brain thrives on projects and my energy is never happier than when I get to utilise my creative brain to visualise the future and design the heart path to get me there. 

I started as a holistic therapists growing my own mobile business back in 1999. From there I moved into corporate roles in business admin and management and after years of trying to make the suit fit, I full circled back to being heart-led and a living through a deeper calling to create community driven healing opportunities for people through my business projects.

I’ve founded and grown an award winning not-for-profit membership community, written best-selling books, won business awards, designed and delivered sell out courses and training experiences and hosted creative and healing retreats online and in person for a number of organisations including my own.

My strengths come from being able to see and feel through a problem using my signature MBFI Coaching Method! What I have learned is that very often it is our own blocks to growth that is stopping us from breathing fire into our dreams and birthing our projects to life. So my approach aims to look at your stuckness through a holistic lens, incorporating your mind, body, feelings and intuition into the problem solving approach.



The MBFI Method in Business & Life Design

MIND: Your Mind – Your Strength

Exploring your thoughts, beliefs about yourself as an entrepreneur and the world and how this is impacting on your business. Exploring all of the inspirations and ideas that might be fuelling your next steps. Identifying your strengths and challenges and ways that you might begin to celebrate and or overcome these. Using strength based approaches and daily practices to to develop a stronger and more resilient mindset fulled by compassion and kindness.

BODY: Your Body – Your Safe Place

Exploring your body as map to your stored emotions and any past traumas that might be challenging your confidence as an entrepreneur. As a qualified Integrative Counsellor & Therapeutic Coach, I combine my years of client experience into our business mentoring sessions, while encouraging you to become aware of the many messages that your body communicates to you, working towards a healthier relationship with your business through your body & recognising your body as a safe place to create from. This also includes how you nurture your body while in business and take care of yourself in order to avoid burn out!

FEELINGS: Your Feelings – Your Expression

Exploring your feelings & emotions and how you make space to express these through your business. How do you share your message with the world? How are you connecting with others? Giving space to and respecting them all as important & valid. Giving you space to make sense of what you feel and why you feel. To express anything that feels stuck and to create the opportunity for emotions to flow. To feel to heal, to create and express in the world. Your emotions and your feelings fuel your visualisations and bring your experiences to life. Are yours healthy?

INTUITION: Your Intuition – Your Connection

Your spiritual, intuitive and innate connection to all that is bigger than us in the world. Whether that is your connection to nature, to art, to creativity, to healing or belief in spirit. We co-create a safe space for you to explore your spiritual beliefs while deepening your intuition and belief in self through metaphysical business practices including creative visualisation, reflective writing, business led heart-mapping, crafting your story and many other incredible and powerful approaches that are needed to grow your connection to your business, its purpose and your passions!

Book a free 20 minute call

During this call we can explore your questions and whether we may be a good fit to work together

How does business mentoring with me work?

STEP 1: Book our first free 20 minute phone call to decide whether we are a good fit to work together

STEP 2: If we agree to work together, I will send you an online agreement and assessment form for you to complete

STEP 3: We agree the first session time and date where we will explore your goals and create a plan together

I offer a flexible approach to booking our sessions and can often work around busy timetables as well as offering the opportunity to reschedule your sessions if more than 24 hours notice is given.

What are the costs?

Each session including our first mentoring session costs £99. I will share my BACS details with you so you can make the payment before each session. Please note, if you need to cancel a session within 24 hours of your booked appointment there is a £50 cancellation fee as I am unable to offer your session at short notice to someone else.

Where and how will we meet?

I facilitate mentoring sessions online via Zoom video and this is easy to use and free for you! You can register for a free account here It is important that you feel safe to meet with me from your home for confidentiality reasons and we will explore this during our free call. If you would rather meet in person (in the Chester area) I can also offer walk and talk mentoring out in the community or meet at your office/place of work. Our first 20 minute phone call is free.

Ready to connect?

I only work with entrepreneurs, communities and training leads who are having a positive and loving impact on the world because it’s important to me that I am passionate and connected to what I do. If you are curious about working with me, I suggest that we might connect over a 20 minute call to explore what you are looking for and whether we may be a good fit to work together.

Book a free 20 minute call

During this call we can explore your questions and whether we may be a good fit to work together