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I empower Community Builders, Digital Entrepreneurs and Everyday Leaders to heal their Heart Story™, thrive as emotionally resilient changemakers and launch profitable life changing courses within their community.

How I Help You

Empowerment Sessions

Having a vision, changing people’s lives and growing your business, community & purpose takes energy.

Everything in life is energy and if you haven’t found Leader-Life balance™, then you run the risk of leaking energy, burning out, experiencing stress, trauma & struggling with self-esteem.

Digital Course Building

I help you to create sustainability and financial security by creating online digital courses and offline workshops.

Through my unique course building blueprint, you can launch profitable offers while supporting your existing community.

Empowerment Sessions

Leading communities from the heart, takes energy, passion and resilience.

Without healing your own Heart Story™ or creating Leader-Life Balance™, you can quickly start to experience feeling anxious, burnt out, overwhelmed and stressed.

To be able to empower others, you need to be functioning at your best as a resilient Leader.

Choose to love yourself, care for yourself and bring the best of yourself to your community, your family and your life.


Coaching sessions

I coach leaders like you to:

Heal your Heart Story®

Balance your energy systems

Identify your Life Purpose & Life Mission

Lead as the Resilient Changemaker you were born to be

I have worked with clients across the globe, and am passionate about providing the support to allow them to show up fully.

I am experienced in supporting you around a range of issues such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Burn out
  • Trauma
  • Abuse
  • Illness
  • Fear of visibility
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Lack of confidence.

We are people before we are leaders and it’s your time to feel resilient, confident and energised.

You have the right to choose to love yourself, care for yourself and to change your life!

Digital Course Building

Since 2010 I have been delivering high impact digital courses and offline workshops and in 2017 I started growing online and offline communities.

This has allowed me to create a sustainable business providing financial security for myself and my community members.

These products and services create a deeper purpose within the community, much-needed income to grow and the skills that our members ask for and need.

Now I help other community leaders and online social entrepreneurs to do the same through my unique course building blueprint.

Our one to one sessions together will guide you through the blueprint and help you to launch to your existing community.



Don’t waste time and money creating content that no-one really wants.

You’ll learn how to research your course topic and the content that your community will snap up!


Selecting the technology to create an online course is overwhelming, and can easily derail you with too many decisions.

You’ll learn how to find the right platform to deliver your course.




You want your course members to get the results you’re mapping out for them.

Learn how to engage your members by creating a course blueprint for success that they’ll enjoy working through.


Launching doesn’t have to be complicated.

Get access to my proven systems for quick, easy (and profitable!) launches.



Once you’re launched your course out there – you want to get more members in.

Deep dive into the three strategies I use to grow my memberships and make more impact.


You want your members to feel proud of what they’ve achieved.

I’ll show you how to help your members to celebrate their wins – and create a loyal tribe of raving fans.

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